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Essence Health and Research (EH&R) LLC now has a 501c3 nonprofit arm called Project Thrive to help provide services to those in need.   EH&R / Project Thrive will offer the following services:

  • Clinical Nutrition/Nutrigenomics  Services

  • Research Services

  • Nutrition & Inflammation Classes

  • Public Health Education/Guidance

  • Yoga Instruction, Teacher Training, Workshops

  • Emergency Nutrition Kits

  • Emergency/Disaster Relief

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Project Thrive: Why Donate to this

Amazing 501c3 Nonprofit? 

  • All material and monetary donations to Project Thrive are 100% tax deductible and will help to fund need based services, emergency nutrition kits, and donations to those in need in Sammamish and surrounding communities.   

  • Fundraisers will help build funding toward specific emergency, disaster, and need based nutrition and public health assistance and education in WA state.

  • Your tax deductible donation can also contribute to scholarship funding and help poverty, low income, or medically challenged individuals and families afford services they otherwise could not.

  • While funding will be covering operating expenses, all efforts will be made to ensure that 50-75% of all funding will serve our mission and programs. 


Email: jennifer@essencehealthandresearch.com



Mailing/Shipping Address:

22845 SE 1st Pl #405

Sammamish, WA 98074



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