Essence Health and Research (EH&R) is now a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit corporation along with its for-profit endeavors!    EH&R / Project Thrive will offer the following services:

  • Clinical Nutrition/Nutrigenomics  Services

  • Research Services

  • Nutrition & Inflammation Classes

  • Public Health Education/Guidance

  • Yoga Instruction, Teacher Training, Workshops

  • Emergency Nutrition Kits

  • Emergency/Disaster Relief

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Located in Beautiful Sammamish, WA!

Why Donate to this Amazing 501c3 Nonprofit? 

  • Services, classes, training programs, and product purchases are all tax deductible and will help to fund need based services, emergency nutrition kits, and donations to those in need in Sammamish and surrounding communities.   

  • Fundraisers will help build funding toward specific emergency, disaster, and need based nutrition and public health assistance and education in WA state.

  • Your tax deductible donation can also contribute to scholarship funding and help poverty, low income, or medically challenged individuals and families afford services they otherwise could not.

  • While funding will be covering operating expenses, all efforts will be made to ensure that 50-75% of all funding will serve our mission and programs. 





Mailing/Shipping Address:

22845 SE 1st Pl #405

Sammamish, WA 98074



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