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The Fall Fundraising Drive for

Essence Health & Research (EH&R) is continuing and thank you so much for your contributions!

If you are READY TO MAKE A DONATION, you can make your SECURE TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation through DonorBox through the button below.

If you are a Microsoft Employee, you can make your donation through BENEVITY, your employee matching program to support nonprofits in the community. Simply look up Essence Health and Research Foundation.

EH&R fills the GAP in our current healthcare system with credible research based education on healthcare conditions, in depth assessments from a functional nutrition perspective to hunt for root causes of conditions and symptoms, along with solid care plans and coaching to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

If you want our healthcare system and patient care to get better, PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION to EH&R during this fundraising drive. It's a powerful step in the right direction. Having funding to provide the best healthcare to our communities is imperative if we are to serve you the best way possible and meet your needs.

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What People are saying about services at 
Essence Health & Research...

"I've been working with Jennifer this year, and she's changed my life. After living with arthritis pain for 20 years, a simple blood test and change to my diet was all it took to get rid of my arthritis pain. My regular MD and a rheumatologist both refused to consider diet as a cause of my inflammation. I've left those doctors permanently. I continue to work with Jennifer to refine a diet that works to support my body."


"I consulted with Dr. Coomes to help me better understand some health issues including being diagnosed pre-diabetic even though I have none of the risk factors for diabetes along with stomach and digestive issues, osteoporosis and increased anxiety. I was completely blown away by how thorough the initial examination and subsequent visits were. The questions she asked were so much more in-depth than any MD or naturopath I’ve ever seen. In addition to being thorough, she is also genuinely interested in helping her clients. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and physiology, providing much more detailed information about my health than any doctor I have seen. Through her testing methods and analysis, she was able to give me some very concrete steps to take to improve my health. She is very understanding about an individual’s need to make changes in their own time and was in no way pushy about any of the recommendations. I never felt like I was being pressured to buy or do anything that I didn’t feel I was ready for. If you are searching for better health and a customized plan to improve how you feel, then I highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Coomes."


"Jennifer is so sweet, thoughtful, and patient.  Her tailored yoga practice is a great mix of strength, deep breathing, and relaxation.  She has huge knowledge about nutrition and how nutrition affects health.  Her sessions are full of great energy and I feel so relaxed after my sessions with Jennifer.  I absolutely encourage you to book a session!" 

"Jennifer has been instrumental in my health progress.  I came to her in January 2022 with a broken back due to osteoporosis and high cholesterol. She helped me with the Alkaline diet I had chosen to do vs taking medication to strengthen my bones. She researched foods and supplements that would help me with my healing.  Because of the great progress we had made in a month, I had to have her on my journey to better health so I purchased the 3-month unlimited package.  From there I had encountered other health problems from gut bacteria, candida to polymyalgia rheumatica (inflammatory disorder causing stiffness/pain). She is very dedicated and loyal to helping me heal. She
continues to research my health issues and makes recommendations on what is best for me to heal and be healthy.  Again, due to her awesome and excellent care, I purchased another 3-month package as I could not continue without her guidance, assistance, knowledge, dedication and research. Because of her, my health is on the right path; the path that I want to be on.  Yes, I do have a couple of medical doctors but Jennifer has been the go-to person for me. Because of her, I understand my other doctors and it has help me to choose the right health path plan that works for me and that I want to be on vs taking prescription drugs. I am and will be forever grateful to this wonderful, caring, amazing person. You owe it to yourself to live your best life and Jennifer will help guide you to that path."

Nutrition and Yoga in the Management of a Patient with Hyperlipidemia & Stress: A Case Report

Case Study Research by

Dr. Jennifer Coomes, Dr. Brenda Roundtree, and Dr. Monique Smith

Functional and clinical nutrition approaches along with restorative yoga therapies were explored in  case with high cholesterol and increased stress with beneficial improvements in reducing cholesterol to normal ranges.   Increased stress can have a negative impact on cholesterol along with an unbalanced diet.  This case study research help to offer a valuable nutrition and yoga intervention that can play a role in cholesterol and stress management.

Click here to read this valuable research. 


If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Coomes to help manage your cholesterol, please click here!

Essence Health & Research: Why Donate
to this amazing 501c3 Nonprofit? 

  • Essence Health & Research Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that often goes by the name Essence Health & Research (EH&R) and/or Project Thrive.  Project Thrive is often the specific program that is associated with specific initiatives for specialized nutrition and research innovations and services. EH&R is the umbrella under which Project Thrive initiatives operate.

  • All material and monetary donations to EH&R are 100% tax deductible and will help to fund need based services, emergency nutrition/crisis kits, and donations to those in need, first responders, and crisis centers in Sammamish and surrounding communities.   

  • Fundraisers will help build funding toward specific clinical research, nutrition, yoga, and crisis programs  in WA state.

  • Your tax deductible donation can also contribute to scholarship funding and help poverty, low income, or medically challenged individuals and families afford services they otherwise could not.

  • While funding will be covering operating expenses, all efforts will be made to ensure that 50-75% of all funding will serve our mission and programs. 





Mailing/Shipping Address:

22845 SE 1st Pl #405

Sammamish, WA 98074



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