The Clinical Nutrition Evaluation is the first visit for any nutrition plan program and will include your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) report from your most recent blood labs, your biometrics, vitals, diet and stress analysis, nutrigenomics assessment if genetic testing and FBCA is available, food combining education, and more. You will receive two reports, both an FBCA and Nutrition Analysis report with explanation from your Clinical Nutritionist. You will be sent a medical history form and request for your most recent blood labs from your most recent annual physical or doctor's visit. At your first visit, you will be interviewed about medications, medical history, diet, food allergens/sensitivities, stress, goals and more to create a nutrition plan that best fits you. 


If you need to have your initial evaluation at a location other than Essence Health and Research / Project Thrive, please also buy the Travel Fee that is appropriate for your location, ie. Inside Sammamish or Outside Sammamish but within 30 miles.

A medical history form is included with this purchase to fill out and send back to Essence Health and Research / Project Thrive at Please come to your first visit with your most recent blood labs from your recent annual physical or recent doctor's visit.

Clinical Nutrition Initial Evaluation (90 minutes)

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