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Making Your Essence Health & Research Appointment

At EH&R, we want you to have the best care and service, and your first appointment or consultation sets the tone for building that relationship.  If you are setting up and appointment for a specialized/personalized nutrition and nutrigenomics services, you will want to fill out the following forms and have the following medical history and lab tests with you.  You will be sent new patient forms from Practice Better, the patient and electronic records portal that EH&R uses.

Click here to schedule your appointment and fill out the Appointment & New Patient History Form (attach or bring in recent blood labs)

Click here to learn more about Clinical Nutrition Services and the Clinical Nutrition Approach at Essence Health & Research


Essence Health and Research (EH&R) partners with two major natural product dispensaries, Fullscript and Wellevate, to help bring the best medical grade nutritional supplements you need to your door.   Setting up an account with both of these dispensaries is FREE and it gets you access to all of their products and opportunities for discounts from EH&R!

Your Clinical Nutrition appointment can be at EH&R / Project Thrive, online, or at your home (with an extra travel fee).  Note, online appointments may have limited assessment options. Whenever possible, please make your initial appointment for an in person visit.

At EH&R / Project Thrive, Clinical Nutritionists cannot diagnose or treat any disease like a medical doctor would but your initial evaluation uses the medical diagnosis given by a doctor along with medical lab test results, genetic test results, client symptoms and experiences, evidence based research, body composition analysis (weight, height, BMI, body fat, waist to hip ratios and more), and client goals to help educate a patient on her/his diagnosis and labs test results while making medical nutrition therapy and lifestyle recommendations in forming a Nutrition Plan that will set you on the road to thriving and meeting your goals.  

Two major reports are generated out of your initial evaluation:  (1) The Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) report based on recent blood labs and (2) the Nutrition Analysis report based on the FBCA, biometrics, vitals, blood type, diet, stress, medical conditions, medications, food allergens/sensitivities, and more.  These two reports are part of the patient's medical record and are used in follow up visits or in the Clinical Nutrition 8 week program that is specialized to the patient.  As such, EH&R follows HIPAA guidelines for confidentiality and privacy of all records.  Currently,  EH&R does not accept insurance but is happy to provide any documentation needed for any reimbursement for HSAs.

EH&R Area of Specialties

  • Autoimmune Diseases:  Diabetes, Obesity, Celiac's disease, Lupus, etc

  • Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (CIDs):  IBS/IBD, Psoriasis, Heart/Kidney/Liver Diseases 

  • Endocrine/Thyroid diseases

  • Blood Pressure/Cholesterol concerns

  • Women's Health (Peri-natal/Birth Care, Active Women, Athletes, Pre/Post Menopause)

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Children's Health (eating disorders, food sensitivities, body image empowerment)

What you need to bring to your 1st EH&R appointment (if you have not already provided it in your New Patient Medical History Form:

  • EH&R New Client Medical History Form

  • Any medical diagnosis results from doctors in your medical team

  • Medical lab results (any and all that apply):

    • All annual physical results

    • Complete blood count (CBC) blood work including CBC differential

    • Urinalysis results

    • A1c, fasting glucose, cholesterol (including HDL/LDL), and triglyceride results

    • Liver, kidney, heart function tests

    • Inflammatory biomarker tests (CRP, C3/C4, ESR, PV, IL-6, etc)

    • Autoimmune disease diagnostic tests

    • Genetic tests (23&Me, from a doctor, etc)

  • Food diary from previous week (My Fitness Pal, works great)

Why is this information needed?

Your medical history and lab tests play a vital role in nutrition recommendations and meal planning.   Certain foods can help play an important role in improving key lab results and even help to reverse medical diagnoses, and just as much, certain foods can make those labs or diagnoses worse.  There is no guarantee, which is why it is very important to stay in touch with your medical team and stay committed to nutritional changes recommended.  Many lab results are related to key vitamin and mineral deficiencies or to specific ways your immune system is processing your food, your stress, and your environment. 


The more you know and the more to bring to your appointment, the more specialized/personalized your recommendations and meal planning can be.  A specialized food diet could help reduce the need for more invasive therapies or medicines, but it is also vitally important to make sure you are in collaboration with your medical team at all times before changing any medications, therapies, or doses.  EH&R plays a collaborative role within the medical team by assessing medications for interactions or referring back to the medical team whenever the need arises.

All efforts are made with nutrition and meal planning recommendations to respect the home culture of the client and specific client needs in order to make nutrition and meal planning recommendations that are sustainable, practical, and affordable.  EH&R looks forward to helping you in this journey to vital health!

Payment Due At Time of Service


Payment for services can be paid with cash, cashier's check, or by debit/credit card through the EH&R online store.   All payments are made at the start of service before service begins.  If there is financial hardship and you have a need for an appointment, please discuss this with EH&R prior to coming to your appointment to arrange for payment options.  To determine the what type of visit you would like to commit to , please CLICK HERE for the EH&R online store or contact EH&R by CLICKING HERE to ask any questions! 

All Are Welcome

EH&R does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, status, or sexual orientation.   All are welcome. 


No Weapons Allowed

For safety purposes, no weapons are allowed to any appointment and all threatening or harassment behavior will immediately end any appointment. 


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