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Essence Yoga Teacher Training (EYTT) Program is in a pause currently.  Stay tuned for new start dates!



with Dr. Jennifer Coomes,

Lead Teacher and E-RYT



Focus In Training

This course is a Yoga Alliance designed yoga teacher training with four (4) 50 hour modules to complete a 200 hour teacher training certification.  This yoga teacher training is focused on mind and body alignment through the teaching of yoga anatomy, yoga poses, yoga flow,  meditation practices, yoga ethics, yoga sequencing and pose adjustments, yoga philosophy and lifestyle, ayurveda and ayurvedic nutrition (and other nutrition foundations), as well as yoga for special populations.   Specific emphasis is on mind, body, and spirit/spiritual transformation and healing, and less on Sanskrit or religious yoga relationships (though topics will be addressed).  Opportunities for yoga practice (strengthening one’s individual practice) and a yoga practicum (experiential teaching of others and observing others’ yoga teaching) will be offered.  With completion of all four modules, the student will receive a certificate of completion and be qualified as a yoga teacher to teach yoga classes to the public.  With approval of the Essence Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga Alliance, students who complete this training can also obtain registration with Yoga Alliance as a registered yoga teacher (RYT), if desired.  Specific modules of this training program also qualify as Continuing Education credits for registered yoga teachers (RYTs) seeking to renew their Yoga Alliance RYT credential.

Location of Training  

Essence Health and Research (EH&R)

Sammamish, WA 98074

Key Details

200 Hour Program

4 Modules:  ALL Modules required for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher certification

Each Module is 5 weeks long, 50 hours total, with 10 hours per week commitment

Yoga teachers looking for Continuing Education credits

for Yoga Alliance can sign up for any module

COHORT OPTIONS (Online, In Person Per Public Health Guidance)
10 hours per week/50 Hours per module:  Starts Sept 14th

DAY 1 (Choose): Either Monday 9am-12pm or 6-9pm
DAY 2 (Choose): Either Thurs 9am-12pm or 6-9pm
Day 3 (Choose):  Sunday 9-1pm  or  2-6pm


Each student needs to pick one slot for Day 1, 2, and 3 for each week.  Day 1 material is covered on either Monday or Tuesday.  Day 2 is covered on Wednesday or Thursday.  Day 3 is covered on Saturday or Sunday.  If you miss a day, you'll need to arrange a make up session with the Lead Teacher.  Extra fees may apply.  All classes are online until King County Public Health Guidance permits in person class gatherings.

Time Commitment

Each Module includes lecture, practice, and active training time. 

Each module is 50 hours long and 10 hours a week of training.

If taken in a large group setting, a specific schedule is followed.

If enrolled in a small group setting, flexible training schedules are permitted.

Cost & Registration

Each Module costs (not including any taxes, fees, or book costs) until May 1st:  $750

Total program cost (not including any taxes, fees, or book costs) until May 1st:  $3000



1.  Make an interview appointment with Jennifer Coomes (Lead Teacher) here.  Once accepted, please proceed to the next steps.


2. Fill out the following forms for acceptance into this program:

New Patient History Form (if you are a new student to EH&R / Project Thrive)

Waiver & Liability Release for Services Form

Anti-Harassment, Weapons, & Drugs Policy Form

3. Arrange for payment of your program by module or for the full program.

4. Schedule your module dates with the Lead Teacher.

5.  The Lead Teacher will finalize your module dates and get in touch with you about your booklist, lecture, cohort classmates, and start dates!


 (may be subject to change)

If you would like more specifics on each Module,

please contact Jennifer Coomes at 

MODULE 1  (50 hours):  Beginner Practice, Anatomy

  • Anatomy: 20 hours (Category 3, Yoga Alliance [YA])

  • Yoga Poses/Alignment & Meditation Training: 15 hours (Category 1, YA)

  • Yoga Ethics: 5 Hours (Category 4, YA)

  • Yoga Philosophy & Ayurveda/Nutrition: 5 Hours (Category 4, YA)

  • Practice: 5 Hours (Category 1, YA)

MODULE 2 (50 hours): Intermediate Practice

  • Yoga Poses/Alignment & Meditation Training: 20 Hours (Category 1, Yoga Alliance)

  • Teaching Methods/Adjustments/Sequencing: 10 Hours (Category 2, YA)

  • Yoga Philosophy & Ayurveda/Nutrition: 10 Hours (Category 4, YA)

  • Practice: 10 Hours (Category 1, YA)

MODULE  3 (50 hours):

Class Design, Business of Yoga, Ayurveda, Practicum

  • Yoga Poses/Alignment & Meditation Training: 15 Hours (Category 1, YA)

  • Yoga Philosophy, Ethics, Ayurveda, Nutrition: 5 Hours (Category 4, YA)

  • Teaching Methods/Adjustments/Sequencing (Designing warm up, class peaks, and cool downs for Beginner & Intermediate classes): 10 Hours (Category 2, YA)

  • Business of Yoga: 5 Hours (Category 6, YA)

  • Practice: 10 Hours (Category 1, YA)

  • Practicum: 5 Hours (Category 5, YA)

MODULE  4 (50 hours):

Special Populations, Business of Yoga, Touch & Trauma, Practicum

  • Yoga for Special Populations Training (Pregnancy, Children, and more):  5 Hours (Category 1, YA)

  • Injury Yoga Class Training: 15 Hours (Category 1, YA)

  • Teaching Methods/Adjustments/Sequencing (Pregnancy/Children/Injury): 5 Hours (Category 2, YA)

  • Yoga Philosophy, Ethics (Touch & Trauma): 5 Hours (Category 4, YA)

  • Business of Yoga: 5 Hours (Category 6, YA)

  • Practice: 5 Hours (Category 1, YA)

  • Practicum: 10 Hours (Category 5, YA)

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