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A new case study by Dr. Jennifer Coomes, Dr. Brenda Roundtree, and Dr. Monique Smith has recently been published on a pre-print server studying nutrition and yoga interventions in a patient case of Hyperlipidemia and Stress.  This is an important research study discovery showing evidence that a diet low in starchy carbs, sugar, and gluten along with key nutrients and restorative yoga can have an impact in starting to restore cholesterol and triglycerides to normal ranges in cases of high stress and grief.   While this case was published while the patient was still seeing the effects of a therapeutic diet, supplementation, and restorative yoga, it's a start point for understanding how to use functional/clinical nutrition and yoga interventions for  high or abnormal cholesterol with or without the use of a statin drug.  

It is well known that statin drugs can have unwanted side effects, which is why some people want to look for alternative therapies to reduce and normalize cholesterol.  This case was an example of that due to  patient having  some detrimental side effects on kidney function likely due to statin use.  While the case study results are not completely conclusive that nutrition and yoga interventions can be used in place of a statin, it's gives evidence for how to incorporate these therapies successfully in the care of hyperlipidemia and dyslipidemia for patients.

Click here to read the research!

Coomes, J., Roundtree, B., & Smith, M. (2022, November 27). Nutrition and Yoga in the Management of a Patient with Hyperlipidemia: A Case Report.

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