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The Equality Viewpoint

perspectives from CMC lead teacher, Jennifer Coomes

Jennifer unexpectedly found her way to creating Christian Middle Church out of spending many years in traditional and patriarchy viewpoint churches but not fully seeing Christ embodied in the church teachings and actions as she truly knew how Christ and God existed for people and for herself.  Simply, something was just missing.  After experiencing and watching many churches get carried away with sales, numbers, growth, extreme politics, and discriminating against groups of people in inappropriate ways (including herself as a single woman) and watching the world struggle without a strong presence of God, there was a quiet voice prompting her along the way that her spiritual journey may include leading a church.   Her purpose is to show more of the genuine God and Christ story through a feminine/female perspective that is being missed in a male dominating church leadership that doesn't always make women feel safe, valued, or respected.  


Jennifer's deeper knowing helped her to realize simply that her needs were not getting met in these patriarchy based churches where strong competition, macho behaviors, or manipulative behaviors were commonplace.  After being consistently discriminated against and intentionally harmed by those in these churches that often are out of touch with the realities of vulnerable populations, she knew there was a better way.  It was only in a church where she was discriminated against for not being married, couldn't get a job because she wasn't married, couldn't teach because she was a woman, or would be harassed for telling the truth.  

As a root, dangerous politics were taking over in the christian church, especially those of the patriarchy viewpoint. There was and is a gap.  There has been less of an understanding and desire to seek the truth and instead a greater desire to follow the ego, gossip, bullying, false truths, jealousy, stealing, inappropriate use of weapons, and condoning of abuse, which often led to harming others without facts.  So, in effect, the christian church was filled with all of the normal things of the world, but not effective ways to deal with the very real issues that were influencing the wide culture we live in.  They were teaching more hate than love, more entitlement than grace, and demanding a tithe without considering matters of the heart and good business.  She found that these churches often refused to truly understand God's and Christ's points on equality, love, life, and people.   This often created setbacks in progress and more desire to control, and thus, a higher likeliness for religious war rather than Christ's love.  Jennifer also discovered that many patriarchy based churches are cult/clique like rather than Christ like, bullying rather than loving, and it simply put a barrier in the efforts of true relating and helping others.   

Simply, spiritual maturity was missing in many of the ways that mattered, and many christian leaders far and wide were not listening to the truth.  Authentic spiritual communication and conversation was missing and replaced with religious doctrine and demands that didn't relay God's and Christ's truths.  It simply did not fit with the God Jennifer knows and I'm sure after reading this, you might wonder how and when the christian church got off track?  If you are, you are at the right place.  The christian church is not a mafia to be filled with bouncers threatening people, but a place to be, to heal, to love, to be loved, and love God.  There's no reason to be this tired in a church culture and in life without feeling God's love; there is a better way.  After continuing to address many of these issues and healing from repeated issues in these churches that repeated the sins of the "world," Jennifer simply realized they were not ready to change but she was ready to move forward. If they would not listen, she would go forward without them and with the Holy Spirit.  If you can't change the culture that exists, it's time to create a new one.

As a business woman, as a teacher, as a woman, Jennifer knows that people have the image of God from the beginning within and are meant to thrive with a relationship to God.  With so many wide and extreme perspectives on Christ, God, the Bible, and Christianity, the Christian church can simply get lost.  As such, people can get lost in religion, rigidity, black and white, and strict rules that reject understanding people, their lives, their families, and how to move forward. Jennifer hopes to bring more spiritual practicality, a new vision on the basics, a stronger base in ethics, an embodiment of healthy boundaries, a refreshing tone to how to incorporate spirituality and equality, and the desire to open more of a genuine heart in helping people without taking advantage, manipulating, controlling, or engaging in strong transactional relationships.  The idea is to bring to life some genuine ideas of relating, realizing what it takes to contribute and build thriving personal and business relationships. The goal is to encourage genuine transformation by resisting and replacing strong egotistical behaviors with a humble, balanced, honest, and feminine (listening) nature of being.  It doesn't mean that you don't have your authenticity or your emotions, but that you understand more of how God made you and how you are to live and be treated. 


Jennifer inherently believes in a feminine and masculine nature to God, and thus God the Mother and God the Father and so, Christian Middle Church is open to those who are willing to nurture this relationship. Since God the Mother and God the Father (synced as a partnership) are not your parents but the highest form of clarity and love, it's possible to let go of parental baggage in this relationship and let yourself relate to the God image within you, ie. your highest self.  With this kind of understanding, both women and men, girls and boys can relate to God better and with more truth instead of feeling that God is one gender and not the other.  The spiritual relationships of God the Mother and Father are found throughout the bible even with its patriarchy relationships, so Jennifer teaches in a framework of how to make biblical passages relate to women and men from a feminine perspective.  In this way, both women, men, and families can find a home with Christian Middle Church teachings as they seek to reach for the best in themselves, their family, and for others.  

It is clear that God created a miracle through the Holy Spirit with Mother Mary to birth Christ so that his life could show us a better way to live by seeing the darkness and death of what can harm our human nature, existence, and survival.  In her teachings, Jennifer explores all of these relationships with new and meaningful ideas while expanding on much of the already existing research and teachings of others who have paved a pathway to a more genuine relationship on who God is, God the Mother and Father, Christ's life, equality between men and women, the feminine meanings in the bible, and application to daily life.  The idea here is to not complicate it so much and try to get to what is true, best, and thriving. 

Many basic goals of this church is to get back into relationship with a truer understanding of Christ, relating, thriving, and the relationship to "church."  So, Jennifer has chosen to jump out of the box more by trying to get back home to a more honest approach that works in busy lives and with important priorities.  As such, Jennifer is developing projects of love and faith around very essential ingredients like eating right, having a good home, thriving through music, and exploring topics through spiritual/practical conversations.   Coming from a single parent home and building herself and her life through hard work and commitment, Jennifer hopes that her experiences, successes and failures, can help others see a better Christ and know a better and more enduring God.  

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