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Kids, Nutrition, & Inflammation

I held the Kids, Nutrition, & Inflammation Support Group on Facebook Live in the Sammamish Community Group on June 24th. I shared some conversation and a small powerpoint to discuss the struggles that kids and teens have with sugar, salt, processed foods, and caffeine along with how to get some good changes and replacements to help balance out the diet, the immune system, and inflammation as you go into the summer. This will also help with moods, behaviors, pressure, and performance anxiety as well. Help your kids and family fuel up this summer with the right kinds of foods and you'll be feeling better with more energy and hopefully, you'll have a strong body, mind, and spirit to ward off any COVID-19 sickness like the gem you are. This information is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease like a doctor would. I highly encourage you to reach out and make an appointment with me for any specific health conditions or needs. Enjoy this info and feel free to reach out for any questions at

Thank you!

Jennifer Coomes CN, E-RYT

Executive Director/CEO

Essence Health & Research / Project Thrive

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