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Essence Health & Research

Lift UP Campaign & FundraisingDrive!



Goals for Health 2023 is embarking on the Lift UP Campaign to help spread the awareness of the Functional Nutrition Approach and the power of Clinical Nutrition to help a wide range of medical conditions from autoimmune disease, food sensitivities, digestive issues, weight concerns, emotional eating, to mental health.   You may be called to get the free services offered to those who qualify or you may be called to make an investment in this worthy cause to help lift up people who are struggling with better healthcare solutions to help transform our medical system to provide better answers.


Our country has one of the highest rates of chronic disease in the adult population and mental health conditions are on the rise as well.   Functional Nutrition approaches help find the root causes of these conditions, symptoms, and difficulties by looking at medical history, nutritional deficiencies, the function of the gut, heavy metal toxicity, environmental stress, brain chemistry, genetics, psychological health, coping patterns, and more to tie together your complex health picture to find answers AND to heal from the inside out.  When healthcare practitioners are committed to finding the real answers and patients are committed to do the correct work to overcome medical struggles, we can transform our communities and country from being overwhelmed by the chronic disease and mental health crisis into  a vehicle of answers, healing, and thriving.   


Essence Health & Research wants to pave the way for a deeper transformation, and here is your chance to get the help you need if you are struggling and to make an investment in this cause so that healthcare gets better and people feel better using the right techniques to get breakthrough.

Previous Accomplishments of Essence Health & Research (EH&R):



Your support in 2020 helped to provide Emergency Nutrition/Crisis Kits to families in need in the Sammamish area as well as helped out the Swedish ER staff in Issaquah, other first responders, and a women's shelter for those homeless and their children.   



In 2021, Emergency Nutrition/Crisis Kits went out to many more families in need along with sharing a presentation on PTSD and its relationship to Metabolic Syndrome along with critical biomarkers and nutritional interventions.   


In 2022, Essence Health & Research was able to publish another clinical research project on Hyperlipidemia and develop an important nutritional protocol for PTSD and other chronic diseases associated with Metabolic Syndrome.   More expansion of the in-house supplement dispensary is also available along with new natural product formulations for immune system health. 



The New Year of 2023 brings more promise in expanding on more clinical research, nutritional protocol development for chronic diseases, and endeavors to bring more awareness of functional medicine/nutrition models of care to help with autoimmune, chronic, and mental health conditions.  Your support is invaluable and everything helps.  Please consider an investment in Essence Health & Research to help this 501c3 nonprofit give back more to the community and improve upon healthcare innovation in the year ahead!


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