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Goals For Health is an incentive program that started in 2020 as an initiative to encourage more people to couple their annual physical exam with their primary care doctor with a clinical nutrition evaluation with a Clinical Nutritionist.   The patient will typically have blood labs taken during an annual physical or a doctor's visit in which you've requested blood labs to be done. When a patient brings these blood labs to Essence Health & Research (EH&R), the  Clinical Nutritionist can then evaluate them for vitamin, mineral, micronutrient, organ, and biochemical deficiencies along with a clinical nutrition exam composed of body composition, biometric, vitals, and other measurements along with assessment of medical history and current diet.
Much chronic disease and mental/emotional health conditions are associated with what and how a person eats.  A Clinical Nutritionist can evaluate medical history, genetics, body composition, biometrics, vitals, diet, and more to help a person make important changes that can change the trajectory of a disease pattern into a positive health outcome.  In every day terms, this means that you can use clinical nutrition to feel much better and have tools for prevention to create longevity and better health physical, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.   This can impact your personal and professional life. 

The Goals for Health 2023 program is offering a $50 coupon (up to 3 uses in 2023) on the Clinical Nutrition services below if you bring in your most recent blood labs from a doctor's visit to use in a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA), Clinical Nutrition Evaluation, or in one of the Clinical Nutrition & Yoga packages at Essence Health & Research (EH&R).  The goal is to make these services affordable while also giving you evidence and research based health care services that you can use to create inspiring and transformative changes in your life.   


Use the promo code GoalsForHealth  with any of the purchases in the Goals for Health  program to get started when you get your most blood labs from your annual physical or doctor's visit!  You will see a "Goals for Health Incentive" tag on the services included in this program.  This discount cannot be used with other discounts.   

Do you have questions about what labs to ask for?  Click 
here for more info or reach out to Jennifer Coomes at!


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