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Jennifer Coomes CN, MSCRM, MS, MS, BA, E-RYT

Executive Director/CEO/Finance Manager


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VISION AND MISSION--Discover, Transform, Educate.


 Essence Health and Research (EH&R) and Project Thrive (501c3 nonprofit) are two companies that work in synergy to help bring innovative services in clinical nutrition and nutrigenomics, health research, public health education and guidance, emergency nutrition/crisis relief, yoga instruction, restorative yoga, and yoga teacher training programs to the community of Sammamish, WA and beyond.   

EH&R and Project Thrive have a foundation in functional and precision nutrition as well as yoga teachings that support the inner teacher and practical safe guidance in yoga poses and sequencing.   Both companies are directed by a woman, which inspires more women to be at the table of influence in STEM, healthcare, medical research, and healthcare innovation.   The model of direction and teaching promotes mentorship, collaboration, respect, stability, ability, security, thriving, purpose, positive health outcomes, and results.


You can't achieve it all on your own, and neither can EH&R and Project Thrive, but there is something special about being the catalyst to beneficial change that inspires us all to be better and work in stable ways  to meet our personal best.  Why "personal best"?   Transformation is personal and commitment is hard work. Excellence is special when you can call yourself balanced at the end of the day and love the work you've accomplished. 


Essence Health and Research Foundation (registered) has the trade name of Project Thrive

and is 501c3 nonprofit corporation.   It received its 501c3 tax exempt status in April 2020

and is registered as a public charity with WA state.  It's specific mission is to serve those in need as well as crisis teams in Sammamish WA and beyond with clinical nutrition services, public health education and trainings, research services, yoga teacher trainings and workshops, yoga classes, emergency nutrition kits, emergency/disaster relief, scholarships, and more.   These services are free of charge or at low cost

when funding is available.

Essence Health and Research is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that was formed in 2018 that also has a trade name of Christian Middle Church when marketing very specific spiritual education services.   All for-profit services in Clinical Nutrition, Public Health education, Yoga Instruction and Teacher Training, and Emergency Nutrition Kits come through this entity.  

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