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Yoga and meditation instruction services are offered by Essence Health & Research from the foundation of building a stable health foundation in practices of breathing, self awareness, relaxation, natural body alignment, natural flow, and releasing barriers to stress and challenges. 

Often in the practice of life, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self is tolerating consistent work to maintain a healthy stability and without the proper coping mechanisms and movement practices/habits, our bodies and minds develop stress and tension to a degree that we are no longer functioning in our natural state of flow and adaptability. 


TO ENROLL in an Online or Group Class:

1.  Reach out to Dr. Jennifer Coomes  for more information about group and online classes.


2. Fill out the following forms for acceptance into this program:

New Patient History Form (if you are a new student to EH&R / Project Thrive)

Waiver & Liability Release for Services Form

Anti-Harassment, Weapons, & Drugs Policy Form


The Yoga teaching approach at EH&R / Project Thrive is designed to:​

  • BRING BACK the basics and simplicity of developing a personal connection (being in touch with life/health)

  • EDUCATE on how to breathe correctly to ready oneself for a physical yoga practice and for better health

  • BECOME AWARE of one's personal reactions and responses (mentally/emotionally) that either create or hinder flow and health

  • MOVE in a yoga practice that is uniquely designed for one's body type, strengths, and weaknesses.  

The purpose is to bring those who have little to no experience with yoga into a firm and practical foundation in alignment, body and self awareness, good body mechanics, relaxation, correct power and core strength in poses, and flow practices within the system of yoga.   The purpose is not to have an acrobatic power teacher who encourages you to compete with your outside world or develop egotistic attitudes, which are a bit too prevalent in our world today. You will know your body, heart, and mind with Essence Health and Research teachings, ie. you will know and become yourself, not your teacher, and not someone else.  What you will develop on the mat is what you will be encouraged to practice in your world.

The "Religion" Aspect of Yoga and Meditation
In Essence Health and Research teachings, the traditional Sanskrit names of yoga poses or traditional yoga philosophy are not used, but are appreciated in the wide spectrum of the ways that yoga and meditation can be taught.  In a world that can be fraught by religious conflict, a practice in yoga in and of itself is powerful and transformative for one's health, and there is a certain reality that yoga classes are imbedded with students from many religions or none at all. To this end, Essence Health and Research simply honors each student as they arrive with faith and openness.  The essence of yoga is taught, not religion, which lays a foundation of respect for one's personal faith and all people without judgment.  In a true sense, Essence Health and Research does not encourage an egotistic yoga environment, but focuses on harnessing the following KEYS in her teaching:

  • Attending to one's personal health (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual)

  • Body/Breath awareness

  • ​Faith

  • Stress reduction

  • Correct alignment

  • Good listening

  • Humbleness

  • Genuine confidence

  • Good communication

  • Respect

  • Collaboration

  • Supportive environment​


The idea is to come out of chaos and arrive to simplicity to enjoy a yoga practice in the moment or use it as a springboard to transcend challenges.  Practically, this means that the English names of poses are used, and focus remains on the alignment of the mind, body, essence, and spirit of movement and poses.   This allows teachings to stay true to observing and supporting students with correct alignment, safety, stability, injury prevention, body awareness, transformation, and understanding one's inner guidance and discernment.  This way of teaching is the way of Essence Health and Research, and it allows a yoga practice to meet everyone in a down to earth way, leaving no one behind.


Types of Classes available for Individual or Group Instruction:
Intro to Yoga, Level 1 Hatha/Fundamentals Yoga
Level 1/2 Alignment & Flow Yoga

Level 2 Alignment & Flow Yoga
Restorative Yoga

Partner Yoga

Beginning and Continued Meditation​​​​


Classes are taught by Dr. Jennifer Coomes who is an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance with over 1000 hours of yoga teaching experience.  


For more information, please use the "Contact" tab above to reach out for a consultation on how these services can fit into your needs or company position.  To learn more about Dr. Jennifer Coomes, the Executive Director/CEO of Essence Health and Research  and provider of services, click here. 


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