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Clinical Nutrition/Nutrigenomics Services along with Nutrition & Inflammation classes help individuals and families work with autoimmune and chronic inflammatory conditions, food sensitivities/allergens, weight issues, emotional eating concerns, depression/anxiety, addiction, and more by assessing vitamin/mineral deficiencies, biometrics, genetics, vitals, diet, stress, organ health, disease progression, and more.   You learn proactive tools with a program to get your health and life on track through clinical nutrition.  Click here to learn about your first appointment and here for our class schedule!

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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis  (FBCA) uses your most recent blood labs from your most recent physical or doctor's visit to help assess specifically for vitamin/mineral deficiencies, how you process your foods, organ health, health conditions, and even possible genetic dysfunctions.  It is a powerful tool in Clinical Nutrition evaluations to give evidence based rationale for needing specific therapeutic use of vitamins and minerals, special medicinal foods, and nutrition plans. All with evidence based research, you can't go wrong with this service and you'll receive a full report and analysis along with education with a qualified Clinical Nutritionist.  Click here to purchase and here to make your Clinical Nutrition appointment!

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Goals for Health 2020 is healthcare initiative and incentive for the new decade to encourage you to make good health decisions and save money at the same time!  By scheduling your clinical nutrition evaluation at the same time of your annual physical and bring in your blood labs, you can gain huge price breaks on clinical nutrition services, FBCAs, and nutrition and inflammation classes for you and the whole family!  Tell your friends and start the right kind of popularity: Getting healthy and vibrant! Click here to learn about the Goals for Health 2020 program! 

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Public Health education and guidance is one of the key elements that helped many of us through the COVID-19 crisis and its many different stages of learning of the virus, the disease, how it affects our immune system, and how the state of disease has affected our mental health.  While Public Health is all about helping the masses stay informed, protected, and safe on a community level and during crisis, it's so much more than just social distancing, PPE, infection models, and statistics.  EH&R / Project Thrive cares about these community and crisis endeavors and about the clinical nutrition needs for special populations, emergencies, and crisis.  Clinical Guidance such as this one created in March 2020 during the early stages of COVID-19 takes in depth research and resources to produce and these booklets are meant to give generalized guidance to the masses.   When you donate to EH&R/Project Thrive, you make this work possible throughout the year no matter the season of community need.  Click here to learn more about this Clinical Guidance and here to donate to EH&R/Project Thrive!

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Emergency Nutrition Kits will be a key project under the EH&R / Project Thrive nonprofit to help with emergency and disaster relief and for those who would like to purchase these kits individually or for their family.  These are specialized nutrition kits based on key vitamin/mineral and nutrition deficiencies found in vulnerable populations or for specific medical conditions or the results of a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) and/or diet analysis.   These kits are formed specifically to help brain, body, and energy function in the body. These kits can be created individually, for families, and for small, medium, to large groups at different sizes.  The goal is to be able to form these kits in large numbers during emergency and crisis times and for families in need.  Your donations make a difference.  Click here to donate or here to purchase either a $100 kit or $200 kit

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Project Thrive is a precision nutrition and medicine initiative under Essence Health and Research (EH&R) to help bring the most advanced nutrition, genetics, and clinical research to the masses in public health education and training to learn more about how to prevent chronic disease and take control of your life if you have one.   Specific projects and fundraisers will transpire out of this initiative to raise funding and scholarships for these trainings and services for the public and vulnerable populations.  Click here to donate to EH&R/Project Thrive! 

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Group and Individual Yoga Instruction as well as the Essence Yoga Teacher Training (EYTT) Program are also key components of services at EH&R / Project Thrive.  All Levels Yoga Classes can be held virtually, one on one, or as restorative yoga services.  The EYTT program teaches professional and personal skills in yoga and healthy lifestyle practices to help you become an excellent and well grounded yoga teacher.  Your donation can help contribute free classes or scholarships to those in need.  Click here to learn more about the EYTT Program, here to register for a group class, here to register for a one on one yoga class, here to buy Restorative yoga services, and here to donate to EH&R/Project Thrive!