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Restorative Yoga is a type of yoga where you come in wearing relaxing exercise clothes and lay on a  padded mat to receive soft ROM (range of motion) stretches from a registered yoga teacher (RYT) while being put in restorative yoga poses with blankets and props to make you comfortable. Each restorative pose is held for 10-15 minutes at a time. Soft guided meditation may also be involved. This type of yoga is very good for those who have chronic anxiety, are often stressed, have difficulty sleeping, or have very little relaxation in their lives.  These sessions offer you or someone you care about an opportunity to find balance in a natural way and fill the cup up.  Vitals are taken before and after sessions, and it has often been found that both the heart rate and blood pressure will return to normal levels in these sessions.  


An interview about medical conditions, medications, injuries, or other therapies will be conducted on the first visit with follow up on returning visits if they occur.


All visits are at Essence Health and Research / Project Thrive unless requested.  With sessions outside EH&R / Project Thrive, please purchase the Travel Fee for the appropriate location (ie. Inside Sammamish or Outside Sammamish within 30 miles)

Restorative Yoga--60 minute session

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