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Nutrition & Inflammation is a series of classes where you can learn about specialized topics in the area of clinical nutrition, nutrigenomics, inflammation, and chronic disease.  Specialized classes may be in the area of hormones, pregnancy, mental health (depression/anxiety/addiction), or recipes/cooking applications.  The purpose is to give you hands on information about the foundations of chronic inflammation and how it affects everything from health and disease, your immune system, how you eat, your emotions, your pleasure response, addiciton, emotional eating, your level of nutrition, your blood labs, environmental toxicities, and more.  In the times of COVID-19, these classes are powerful, informative, and apply directly to your life and your family.   

Please note at Checkout in the Note section which class you are taking and what date:

Nutrition & Inflammation: Introduction

Nutrition & Inflammation: Hormones

Nutrition & Inflammation: Mental Health (Depression/Anxiety/Addiction)
Nutrition & Inflammation: Pregnancy

Nutrition & Inflammation: Recipes, Cooking, Applications


Classes are held at Essence Health and Research / Project Thrive unless otherwise noted in an email to you.  You will be given specific directions and details about class in an email after your purchase.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to

Nutrition & Inflammation (3 Hour Class)

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