This selection is for ONLY those who would like to ADD the Far Infrared Heat Therapy on to another existing service such as a Restorative Yoga Session, which has added power to positive benefits of your full service.   This ADD-ON is free with any donation to the 501c3 nonprofit, Project Thrive, which is affiliated with Essence Health and Research to help those in need.

This is a wonderful far infrared heat therapy that can help:

  • Improve and lower blood pressure
  • Improve circulation and detoxification
  • Reduce fatigue and pain (including joint pain)
  • Improve sleep and breathing
  • Improve energy and mood

This therapy can be used alone in a session on a comfortable mat in a quiet and soothing space (choose the stand-alone option) or it can be added to a restorative yoga session (this option) to receive added benefit.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy Add-On (Free with Project Thrive Donation)

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