There are (4) 50 hour modules in the Essence Yoga Teacher Training (EYTT) program and this purchases one of those modules.  Students who purchase one module at a time will need to come back to this product and purchase for each module. 

The Essence Yoga Teacher Training (EYTT) Program is a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance approved program with (4) 50 hour modules to focus on yoga anatomy, yoga philosophy, yoga practice, class sequencing and design, business of yoga, ayurvedic nutrition, touch as trauma, special populations, practicum, and more. Students will have an Eight Limbs of Yoga (personal/professional) and Business of Yoga application projects in the program along with a Practicum where the student will be assisting the Lead Teacher in classes and then teaching yoga classes with the public, other EYTT program students, and/or the Lead Teacher with feedback.

Completing this program will lead to the Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification with Yoga Alliance. All potential students of the EYTT program must complete an in-depth interview with the Lead Teacher, Jennifer Coomes, to determine emotional/mental/physical readiness for the program. A No Harrassment Agreement will be signed by all students prior to the start of the program to be accepted into the program to make a firm commitment to reducing bullying, manipulation, or harmful behaviors as students of the program and encourage a nourishing, authentic, mature, collaborative, and transparent learning environment.

Students with any active harmful political, personal, or professional agendas will not be accepted into the EYTT program. No weapons, drugs (beyond vitamins or prescribed medications), or smoking will be allowed at Essence Health and Research / Project Thrive teaching environments.  These requirements help to promote the public and environmental safety of students and the public during the program.

This program is highly suited for those who would enjoy learning a transformative program for learning and teaching the mind, body, spirit, health, and personal/professional aspects of yoga. This program is not religious in nature but spirituality is addressed and you are encouraged to become the style of teacher that is best suited for your personal/professional growth. A syllabus and booklist will be provided with purchase of this program and consistent mentorship with the Lead Teacher during and after this program is welcomed to achieve your goals.

Essence Yoga Teacher Training (EYTT)--(1) 50 Hour Module

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