Personalized Nutrition Emergency Kits are the perfect addition to your regular disaster preparedness emergency kits and can be put into your home, car, or taken with you wherever you may need them. These kits include non-perishable vitamin, mineral, and macronutrients (carbs, fiber, protein, essential fats) that will help you during times of emergencies until you have fresh foods or food needs met.  These kits are perfect for disasters, on the road, with the power goes out, in food pantries, in the outdoors, or wherever you may not have a full kitchen or food needs met.  These kits would also be perfect for non-profits set up to help the homeless.  These kits are personalized to the needs of the individual, family, or population based on medical needs, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, genetic needs, or specific needs for depression, anxiety, addiction, homelessness, and more.


The $500 Kit is ideal for a small business or group of 10 people and will include a larger amount of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals to last you longer periods of time.  This package is ideal for a a donation to a large family, small business, first responders, and healthcare workers during crisis who may not have access to fresh foods for longer periods of time.

Emergency Nutrition Kit (Large), $500


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