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The Clinical Nutrition and Yoga 1 month (4 Week) Program Package is good for 1 month and can be used for clinical/functional nutrition, one on one yoga instruction, and restorative yoga services.  Visits are 60 minutes long and can be done in person or through Telehealth.  The package is only good for the person who has bought the package or for the person designated to receive the package.  Two (2) 60 minute visits are allowed per week on this package to help the patient truly build a nutrition/lifestyle plan that works for the individual's medical or health condition(s) and goals.  It gives essential motivational coaching and practical goal setting with weekly assessments to evaluate and adjust goals to create desired results.  This package is best for those who need expert guidance on taking a nutrition/lifestyle plan and achieving results a short period of time with commitment.


What's included in a Program Package?

  • 1 Clinical Nutrition Initial Evaluation (Clinical Interview on medical history, Functional Blood Lab Analysis, Nutrition Focused Physical Exam, Body Composition, Vitals, Nutrition Urinalysis)

  • 2 visits a week for clinical nutrition or yoga services for the length of the program package (1 or 3 months)

  • 5-7 Day Meal Plan and Supplement Schedules along with weekly practical goals to keep you on track, moving forward, and committed to your overall health goals. 

  • Yoga services include one on one yoga instruction, restorative yoga, and yoga therapy focused on injury, strength building, flexibility, relaxation, weight loss/gain, improvement in mental health, and better vitals. 

  • Program Packages may focus on specific therapeutic diets (Alkaline Diet, Histamine Intolerance Diet, Detox Diet, etc), Weight Loss, Mental Health, PSTD/Trauma, Fertility/Hormone/Menstrual Cycle Balance, Menopause/Osteoporosis/Osteopenia/Osteoarthritis, or your Personalized Nutrition/Lifestyle Plan created from your initial evaluation. 

Clinical Nutrition & Yoga: 1 Month (4 Week) Program Package

SKU: CNYogaUnlimited1Month
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