NOTE:  This is fully committed program where you have unlimited access with a Clinical Nutritionist for 3 months to help you achieve your goals.  All needed clinical nutrition services and visits, meal planning, coaching/mentorship, and classes are included.  This is the BEST choice for someone who is absolutely ready to fully commit to making changes to improve a health condition or with the desire for weight loss/gain (ie. weight stability) in a 3 month time period.   Three months start from the date of the initial evaluation/visit with the Clinical Nutritionist.  

The Clinical Nutrition 12 Week Program includes your Initial Evaluation and Functional Blood Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) along with UNLIMITED meetings with your Clinical Nutritionist to work on your Nutrition Plan, gain mentoring through tough changes to understand food combining, food labels, how to use medicinal foods, and get follow ups on biometrics, vitals, nutrition strategies, and more to meet your medical and lifestyle goals.  Follow up visits may include grocery store visits to learn about food labels and how to pick better foods for specific issues, cooking classes to understand food combining or recipes, meal planning, or simple phone calls or Zoom meetings to touch base, get support, and ask questions.   Follow ups on body composition, biometrics, vitals, and lab measurements are included. 


This all in full support program is best for someone who is ready to make transformational changes in weight, health, habits, and nutrition and needs a Clinical Nutritionist's support to get through the hardest commitment to changes on emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, nutritional, and educational levels.   Weekly meetings can be in person, by phone, or by Zoom, but the initial evaluation at at least 2 follow up visits need to be in person to evaluate results and biometrics/vitals.  


If any of these visits will require the Clinical Nutritionist to travel outside of Essence Health and Research / Project Thrive in Sammamish, WA, please also purchase the Travel Fee that is appropriate (ie. Inside Sammamish or Outside Sammamish within 30 miles).

A medical history form is included with this purchase to fill out and send back to Essence Health and Research / Project Thrive at Please come to your first visit with your most recent blood labs from your recent annual physical or recent doctor's visit.

Clinical Nutrition--12 Week Better Health/Weight Loss Program

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