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This is a great class for anyone wanting to learn more about the Alkaline Diet and how it can help stabilize many medical conditions associated with chronic inflammation and high acidic diets. The alkaline diet, previously rarely researched, is now receiving much more attention as an important way of choosing foods and eating to specifically reduce the body's acidity that can show up in both the urine and blood which can affect organ function and disease progression. The alkaline diet requires coaching to get started and maintain, however, and should not just be tried on your own without guidance. Attend this class to learn more about the alkaline diet and how it can help you take your next step towards health!


Along with the presentation, you will also receive a dictated presentation by Jennifer Coomes to guide you through the Alkaline Diet key principles.   You can also take this class in person when offered.   It is highly recommended to use this presenation guide with the Alkaline Diet Kit.

Alkaline Diet--Prevention for Chronic Disease, Online Mini Class

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