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Transforming an Old World into A New One

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

This was a blog post that I started back on the wedding for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but I never finished it...that is until now. In Sammamish WA, we are in the middle of Snowmageddon 2 or a snow storm that is due to last at least a few days. With the need to stay indoors and off the roads, it has afforded me some time to slow down, focus, and catch up. What a beautiful time to come back to the essence of what I saw in this wedding with the sermon by Rev. Michael Curry and in this the beautiful rendition of "Stand By Me" with Karen Gibson and her Kingdom Choir. It was all about transforming an old world into a new one. At the time, this wedding touched on some firsts in Meghan Markle being the first "colored" person in the royal family. Her background brought in a new essence. Her way in the wedding design was purposeful in making people think or even uncomfortable. I thought Rev. Michael Curry's sermon was phenomenal and passionate in that it ignited some of our long lost energy to get back to the heart and soul of relationship. I thought it was special, surprising, and courageous to hear at times. After all, many of us had to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning just to see it, so seeing something so passionate and alive was a certain plus.

So, now, back to the Snowmageddon or Snowapocalypse or whatever is swirling its way into our lives in the form of snow, ice, and cabin fever. We don't normally get much snow here in the Seattle parts, at least nothing that stops us days at a time. We've had two storms to stop us in just the last week and supposedly we have a few more on its way. So, it's suffice to say that we could use a little passion and aliveness to get out of our rut. We've also seen a month long government shutdown and we're on the tip of another one if we can't get this right. So, I am embracing a time of slowing down, reflecting, catching up, and renewing in the right ways so that we can bring forth new vibrant energy. In the depths of winter, vibrant energy is just what you want to feel when the season can be darker, colder, icier, and depressing. That said, with the recent snow storm, I couldn't help but want to get outside, walk, and embrace the brisk and fresh air. I realized I was sitting too much, thinking too much, sedentary too much, and not getting enough new energy in my system. I was feeling more vulnerable to getting sick or just feeling overwhelmed until I just committed to getting projects done without putting something new on my plate. So, that is what this Snowmageddon time has given me: Renewal. We all need renewal. We all have this cleansing out we need to do so that renewal can be felt and embraced. I found myself cleaning all areas of the place I live, recommitting to my vitamins, and getting something done every day even if it is not all of everything I want to get done. I've noticed that others around me are starting to feel the same way I am. So, I feel that the "Stand By Me" and the essence of its synergy is important for us right now. If you listen to this song, it's driven by the Holy Spirit and it moves with the Spirit with such an excellence. This kind of movement doesn't happen if we have all of our baggage with it. The voices are in crisp and clear unison coming together in a sheer collective that is inviting and embracing. You can't have that if you haven't done the work to get there.

Sometimes, events come into your life and you might think of it as an inconvenience, but I have learned to embrace this time, along with the changes in schedules and approaches that come with it, as a renewing time. I'm letting go of the old and I'm bringing in the new. It has a fresher, cleaner, and more believable energy. It's more transparent, more true. People around me believe me and find me to be more true, which is refreshing in a world that is more judging. While there is so much in our world that can represent the old ways of doing things, the old ways of seeing things, I believe this time is also renewing to give us what we need when we didn't realize we needed it. Sometimes, we don't always understand what we need until it's presented to us in a way that makes us feel validated. That's part of the newness. Instead of being apart of a world that is more conning or conniving, we can be apart of a world that is more authentic and mentoring. We can surrender more, not because of pride, but because we are surrendering something old to make room for the new. I feel that is important. We need people around us who remind us of our essential selves so that we renew ourselves back to what is good and right and helpful. Maybe it's time to let go of the old ways in your life. Maybe it's time for you to make room for something new. The work of this crisp, eloquent, and spirit driven song can arrive to you in such a way that you are drawn into it in a good way. Let yourself be drawn into the work of making room for the new. The harvest of such a work is refreshing, inviting, pure, passionate, and true. It's time for this energy to build within us this season as we work towards and build toward something new and beautiful. Let what may look like inconvenience become something transforming. I think you'll find yourself grateful that you did.

God bless!


"Stand By Me" performed by Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir

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