I AM LION (Courage & Female Strength): Christian Middle Church teaching series

Hi All!

I'm so looking forward to bringing this teaching series to you. I was inspired to share it at the top of 2019 to continue to inspire the feminine/female energy to move forward with courage. The purpose of this series is to share amazing stories of women of strength who have given us something to think about when it comes to being inspired. The first video in this series, however, is called "The State Of Union" as I shared it during our State of the Union address to help us bring an authentic source of God's energy back into our way of doing life. We've gotten so used to corruption and politics as the norm that we've gotten away from our natural innocence. In Sammamish WA, where I live, we've been in a number of snow storms, which is not common in my area. So, for a bit, we've turned off the crazy busy of our lives, the competition, and the unhealthy to return to an energy of play, helpfulness, and just enjoying the snow. It was truly refreshing. So, I wanted to talk about what it takes to get back to "Union" and how to be prepared in these times.

Video #1: State of Union

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