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Christian Middle Church: Why don't people want Good?

Hello All~

It's March 14, 2018, and it's the National School Walk Out/Up Day for catalytically addressing through action the overwhelming destruction that gun violence has caused in our county for kids, adults, and families. It's one of the big issues on our national scene if your heart is awake about it, and we've been talking about the nature of our current culture, its divisions, the rising of action solutions, and what's been in our way as far as making change goes. It's also a month of celebrating women, and I've started my teachings for 2018 for Christian Middle Church with the idea of digging in and giving insight from the female, feminine, equality, and Holy Spirit point of view.

We started with the topic of "abiding," or that dwelling within or connection to what you hold as important. In biblical terms, it's a dwelling of God and Christ's essence within that helps to awaken your healthy essence so that you see clearly, discern well, and make good choices.

My next teachings have been series of questions:

1. Why don't people like the middle/common ground? (previous teaching)

2. Why don't people want the Good? (this teaching)

3. Why don't people do what is right? (next teaching)

These are pretty important questions when we want to start to look more self compassionately and with awareness of what is causing resistance and divisions. As I approach this topic in the video above, I bring up the topic of fear, because it is a residing theme that runs through various reasons connected to why people make the choices they do. I also give us some talking points and a scripture to help us as we are stepping into our purpose:

Why don't people want the Good?

1. Fear--Staying in what you know is safe.

2. Change is hard. It requires you to test the unknown.

3. It requires you to let go of baggage.

4. It needs you to love God (and yourself) more.

In this teaching, I give a little shout out of love and thanks to Mandy Arioto and JJ Heller who shared a women's event this past weekend with talks about what it means to be women in crisis, how to come alive again, and how to feel loved. Indeed, I was inspired.

Then, as you are sitting in your own fears (and I mention some of the ones I've been experiencing ), I wanted to share with you a piece of scripture to walk with you and protect you:

Psalms 91:10-11

[Jennifer's notes in the parentheses to equalize the patriarchy viewpoint]

No harm will overtake you,

no disaster will come near your tent.

For he [God in Mother and Father form/Love/Christ]

will command his [God/Christ/Love] angels concerning you

to guard you in all your ways.

I hope you enjoy, feel renewed, and become inspired by your ability to jumpstart your impact. It's time to do good.

Note: This video teaching is 30 minutes long so feel free to listen in parts as you get free time!

God bless,


We must change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves;

otherwise, we harden.


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