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It's Jennifer here, and God's calling me into teaching again. Honestly, I was inspired by the patriarchal christian church (a segment of churches who believe that men have power over women), and there was a particular error that was still so profound that I came across this weekend that it can't go without correcting. So, I'm going to do a live teaching so we can get into communion on this idea so we can insert a catalytic shift in our culture toward right action together.

I'm out of town right now on some spiritual and yoga training and stopped into a church for a worship service because the music had inspired me last year and this year. My intention was to only stay for worship (the singing) mostly because sermons in patriarchal churches in regards to women and humans in general are more controlling, cult-like, and less safe for those truly looking for answers, belonging, healing, and acceptance. Especially in large churches with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, you need a simple understanding that is going to take you into connection. Most times, listening and slowing down is the right answer to help bring a collective together. Yet many of these environments are filled with the passionate, the skeptical, the new, the impressionable, the wise, and the sick. In God's terms, it's important to be able to transcend the differences and bring in that direct and deeper connection. So, in a time when many churches are run by formulas, I didn't want to be brainwashed. I just love God's music, so my plan was to come, listen, sing, and do my part, but I was not planning to stay for the sermon. I did end up, in this instance, staying for part of the sermon where "His Image" was used in glaring error. Soon after, I thanked the people near me whom I had shared worship with, and then I left.

Why did I leave? I realized, in part, even after significant cultural talks on the subject, times in the patriarchal church really hadn't changed much. As a general rule, I have found that constructive feedback in a patriarchal church doesn't always go well, and it takes a long time for correction. These churches are often generations behind, so while I can connect with the Holy Spirit, the sermons leave a beautiful christian woman like me yearning for a better environment for those who need answers. So, rather than try for change in this big church, I've chosen to correct the error through a constructive teaching in Christian Middle Church. This teaching will help clarify what the error was, how it can be corrected, and what consequences are happening because churches are teaching biblical scripture incorrectly (ie. discrimination, segregation, frustration, separation, anger).

Usually, these errors in the patriarchal church happen because this particular type of church doesn't make God big enough, and therefore they are often shocked in the back end by the force to change by the Holy Spirit. Given that this happened at a large church where there are highly vulnerable people attending (ie. those who can be highly influenced), this teaching will be focused on "GETTING THIS RIGHT," and I will welcome it to reverberate catalytically through the Holy Spirit through all churches because it is God's design. I won't be teaching from a judgmental point of view, but my focus will be on teaching the biblical teachings in the right way, as God intended them to be taught.

So, we're going to dig in.

Here's the topic for GETTING IT RIGHT:

God: Her Image (Love)

God: His Image (Love)

Christ Image (Love)

This will be a LIVE online teaching on Saturday, April 28th at 3pm and Sunday, April 29th at 3pm. It will be a 30-45 minute teaching with interaction and discussion so come ready to think like God does and less like a human does!

These live teachings are offered in the Essence Health and Research/Christian Middle Church online store for you to purchase. Stay tuned for those links here coming very soon!



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