Battle Scars: A New Teaching Series with Jennifer Coomes CN, E-RYT

Hi All,

It's been a little bit since I've been back at the spiritual and health teaching side of what I do, and I'm looking forward to sharing this series with you. The name of the series came to me awhile back and I wanted to make sure I was going in the right direction with it, so I began listening awhile to my needs and what was going on in the world and what it needed. One of the things I noticed that was needed was a deeper connection to God and the God's power of breakthrough.

As we watch war trudge on without any solid movement toward resolution, it can make you wonder, "Where is God in this?" and "Why is it taking so long to stop evil?" I'm sure anyone who feels oppressed and in battle during your daily life knows this feeling all too well. I can deeply relate to this feeling in my own life. The battle scars are present, and we may not be talking about them enough in order to heal, and thus the war continues. How can we get the war to stop? By reaching deeper into what will heal and what we must do to heal.

We're craving God's Grace with the fight to move forward, and yet God is calling us into the listening to ensure we get there in the right way. This song inspired me today as I was putting this series together and it will be some of the music that inspires this series. It is called "I'm Listening" by Chris McClarney. Please give it a listen. Whether you are Christian or not, it speaks to a higher place of breakthrough and deep essence of getting there the right way.

This series will talk about some of the battles women face on the way to and through womanhood, and why women can be their own worst enemy to themselves and to each other. I realized that, after coming out of breast biopsies for the second time in the last year in the effort to remove high risk pre-cancerous areas, I was left with physical scars along with emotional and mental scars that I was working through for weeks and months. The scars I will have mark a battle scar, and we all have them in some way, whether seen or not seen. Yet, sometimes, our culture rushes us to get to next steps without fully processing what happened, why, and what to really do next.

I knew I had arrived to womanhood a long time ago and the journey through these biopsies had reinforced that fact, but our culture can be damaging to women if they have not arrived to marriage or children. Suddenly, there's a society that is telling you that you are not a woman or not worthy of being a whole woman because of what you have or have not accomplished or become. Then, you're overwhelmed with healing at the same time, and it can be a complicated mess to unravel and find yourself again.

Then, there are issues between women who have vaginal birth versus cesarean birth or if your hips are wide enough to show that you have birthed a child. Petty stuff, really, but for all of the good that women can do, we can really be mean to one another, and I believe we need to strive for something better, especially when a war rages and women are the ones fleeing, fighting, striving, and hiding battle scars. Women who have given cesarean birth are left with a battle scar just like I was left with the breast biopsies, and in both instances, we give birth to new life, one with a baby, and one being a new life cancer free thankfully due to early detection of risk factors. Women who have survived war and trauma may have physical or emotional scars, and they are just as significant and important. Womanhood is important, both its arrival and its progression.

As we come upon Mother's Day, it's also a time for mothers everywhere to celebrate, and yet there are many women who are mothers of all types who may go unheard or uncelebrated. There are women facing and surviving all types of battles, along with their battle scars, and I see them in my nutrition and yoga practice all the time. It's time to do womanhood in the right way and give permission to embrace all the different ways in which women arrive to womanhood and progress through it while becoming, achieving, and hopefully giving back. Becoming whole is a process, and it requires commitment just like it does to heal from physical injury that produces a battle scar.

I believe we are yearning for something greater right now, and that we are craving the deeper essence of God's Grace that comes when we can connect honestly and move in life in touch and present. Many of us need deeper breakthroughs and I have found that anchoring to God at this time in my life has helped me through changes and pivots to help me live more alive. I hope to inspire that essence through this series. Here is more music to help us along this journey from war to peace. It's an album called Hymns of Heaven (Acoustic Sessions) by Phil Wickham.

Let's give a voice to the Battle Scars so we can heal. Let's stop the war.

It's time.

God's Grace is here.

See you soon,


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