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Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Many of you know that I've been sharing the ANCHOR teaching series from the free work I do with Christian Middle Church. The purpose of this series was to really dig into the lack of thriving that single women who do life alone experience and the types of discrimination they face. I said I would run this series for as long as it took to get out of poverty/low income because I wanted to see how long it would take in my Sammamish community to actually address poverty/low income difficulties with transformation. So, far I've seen everything I expected along with wonderful blessings. Lately, I've seen more women hurting other women, but over all this is a story of lack (perceived versus real), family cycles, obstacles to the cure, delays, politics, status, and more. There are many issues and I've chosen to tackle as many as possible to get free. For this holiday season, it's all about #NoOneLeftBehind and #NOWNotLater to reverse intentional delays, darkness, disaster, crisis, homelessness, and the lack of helping to gain traction into creating a helpful, community oriented, and less judgmental culture. The truth is, we have the culture we have because of big influences and then people are afraid to get help, and come forward. Some turn to drug/substance abuse, some experience debilitating depression/anxiety, some are at risk for suicide, and some become violent, harmful, or abusive.

Let's talk about Christmas, but let's go deeper. This holiday is about the birth of a boy who was designed to be a savior for humanity. That meant our humanity already had problems at that time that needed someone to save them from themselves. We celebrate this birth rather than actually addressing the fact that our humanity had such problems that we needed this to happen. It's like crisis. You will see more people helping during times of crisis because it shocks you to do something better. Just the same, people were not shocked by the birth of Christ until he actually died and there were stories about the after effects because of what the man said during his life. That shock made people realize something deeper and thus you have what we know as Christmas today. It was a realization that a person had a greater power within, proved it, shocked the people, and they had to turn back and realize that the person's whole life was important, from birth to death. This is why we have the holidays in Christianity we do today. It was due to the shock factor. Otherwise, life might look very different in the name of this religion today.

In the Age of Revelations, Christ comes back, but it's no normal coming back. It's a coming back after what was already done and experienced--after the shock occurred. Except, apparently, that shock was not enough. Humanity had returned back to its old ways, and Round 2 is here. The thought of it is that Round 2 is not particularly a fun time, because everyone forgot the first shock, what happened, and didn't remember to listen to what this whole thing was about in the first place--to create a better humanity.

You don't have to be religious though to get this idea. Just look at life. A deeper way to look at the Age of Revelations is how do we become a better humanity before disaster strikes, ie. before the shock. In some ways, there are people who want to create shock, but that's actually not God's plan. God wants you to get it before the shock--to get helpful, community oriented, heart-centered, practical minded, and getting to those solutions NOW not later.

In the world of politics, it's a world of pretending, so what you see is not particularly true, which is why you are suddenly "shocked" that people you vote for or things that happen are not in line with what you value. Coming out of that means that you dig deeper into doing what you value and being of value.

So, this season, it's not just about the Holidays, it's about a Holiday Helping. It's about preventing disaster, crisis, and harm by doing that value #NOWNotLater. Helping now, not later. Being a solution now, not later. Hiring now, not later. Acting now, not later. Supporting now, not later.

This Holiday season, God is still splitting the sea (a well known story about Moses in the bible) and that was needed because the people were stubborn, not listening, and not helping. So, there was shock (the splitting of the sea to get the innocent to safety). The Holiday Season Shock is centered around getting the poor, the vulnerable, the suffering to safety. The splitting of the sea is to get the helpers quickly to those who need the help #NOWNotLater and to get the harm and harmful away from them quickly, ie. #NOWNotLater.

This will be dynamic because this kind of shock changes what you see. It brings truth to the table, the helpers to the table, and changes the energy of the environment from the delay and darkness of shock into realization of what is true and how it is necessary to repair what broke, what happened, and to respect the people who helped you see: The poor, the suffering, the broken, the vulnerable.

The Christ we know was not rich. The rich didn't believe him particularly either. They didn't because they didn't see or didn't want to see. The shock was the only way--they were forced to see.

This season, lay down your weapons and see the truth. God is bigger than all of the crisis, and God is steering the ship away from disaster, #NOWNotLater.

Come along for the ride. Watch what God does, just by asking you to help. That's it. God is asking you to be a helper wherever you can to the degree that you can to be apart of the big team to divert crisis and delay that was inserted inadvertently and by mistake by those not listening.

It's time to change the storyline. It does not require anyone to be of religion. It simply requires you to be of love.

It's time TO STEER, #NOWNotLater, in God the Mother and Father, and in the female and male Christ's name, AMEN.

#GodsDynamicAndCatalyticIntervention #NoOneLeftBehind #BeASolution #DoYourPart #NOWNotLater


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