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We are created in different sizes, bodies, genders, genetics, and yet how often do we really take the time to learn about our body, what we specifically need to make it healthy, and what types of therapies would be beneficial for preventive health care or health conditions? Unless you are just naturally health conscious, you are likely to learn bits and pieces if you visit a doctor, when you're not feeling quite right, or you are diagnosed with a health condition.  


Many of us might even say that we wouldn't even make a change in our lifestyle habits until confronted with the need to do so. We're human, we're busy, and we simply have habits.

With that said, the more you know and understand your body, the more proactive about your health you can be.  Many of us just need the right tools and right support to get on the right life and heart rhythm to make the kinds of decisions that are good for us.  


While Essence Health and Research / Project Thrive is not a doctor's office and providers cannot "diagnose and treat" any health condition as a doctor would, your initial evaluation will be based on blood labs, biometrics, vitals, diet, stress, medications, medical diagnoses, genetic tests, and more.  Clinical Nutritionists collaborate with your medical team on your care.  Your nutrition plan will be both evidence based (using your medical history, assessments, and labs) while also focused on evidence based research about medications, medical conditions, and nutrition.  


A specialized nutrition plan and program will be created that is individual to you and you'll be given mentorship to meet your personal health goals.   If a Clinical Nutritionist finds evidence that a referral back to your primary care doctor (PCP) or other qualified doctor is needed to look at assessments, results, medication interactions, and abnormalities, a letter can be written to give to the patient along with any assessments and reports.    




How Essence Health & Research / Project Thrive can help YOU:

  • By providing discerning and wise education and important research on a particular health condition and its relationship to body processes

  • By educating on specifics and research about nutrition and nutritional needs (bioavailability of vitamins/minerals, product brands in the nutrition supplement industry, special diets, and food choices that met nutritional needs)

  • By listening to your story of health (or lack thereof) and helping you to look at the pieces that are most important to your healthy lifestyle transformation

  • By educating you on specific therapies (both western and natural medicine) and appropriate health care practitioner referral or doctors needed for your health care

  • By providing the essential support to build your confidence in improving your health by answering questions, supporting your journey to health, or mentoring on your areas of difficulties.

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