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A New Christianity:  What We Believe In

God (Mother & Father as separate and One) 

From Genesis, God is represented as "Us," and in a number of biblical references, we see both God the Mother and God the Father given life, except God the Mother is simply more forgotten, not talked about, or not revered in traditional christian churches and can even be labelled as "heresy" if spoken about.  It is clear though that God is both Mother and Father and that humans were made in the image of God, both female and male, and equal in regard.  Thus, God has both a feminine and masculine form, and also oneness of both the feminine and masculine essence (ie. separate voices and a cohesive oneness voice).   In essence, God represents the highest form of parents, guidance, comforting, law, and love.  In the trinity it is the union of God the Mother and God the Father as ONE that links with the Holy Spirit and Holy Child to form the trinity.  No part of God is forgotten, and when we want connection with God, we honor God in the fullest or in the part we need the most (the protector, the comforter, the guider, the leader, the helper, etc.).

Holy Spirit 

The essence, energy, spirit of God

There is no one or nothing in the way of you having a relationship with God and thus, the Holy Spirit is a connection available to anyone.  It is by asking, listening, connecting, and in living that your relationship to the Spirit becomes stronger and more discerning in your life.  It is not a guru experience, it is your innermost, innate, and God knowing that is already available to you and awakens in you through the connection with God.  At times this is innate, and other times it requires effort.  This can often explain the innocence we see in children and their often very mature thoughts while as adults we may be more complicated and need to work on remembering our innate connection. That said, spiritual maturity in adults also expresses and exudes the energy and wisdom of God, and we can see this in some of our most cherished and revered human inspirations (ie. Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc).  This spiritual maturity doesn't make an adult perfect, it simply means, that when connected, this discernment can help those who may not understand, may not be connected, or need guidance.

The Holy Child 

In Christianity, we know the highest representation of this to be Jesus Christ.  The essence of Christ is also inside  each of us.  We carry that piece of God in us as God's children just as Christ is God's child, and thus, each essence of Christ represents the Holy Child.  In this way, we recognize (and never forget) Christ, but by knowing that Christ lives in us, we know in certainty that each of us also has purpose in God's design and we elevate that purpose as we connect to it.  Just as Christ was sent (as the highest human teacher through a humble experience) to teach us a humanity lesson, we are part of the trinity as God's children who have the capacity to understand God, experience God's gifts, be conduits for God's healing, and be apart of God.   The human race is part of the Trinity.  So, when we see elements of Christ's suffering in the world, it reminds us of both the disconnect from God, the unbelief in God, and our ability to transcend it and do something about it because we are the answer (just as Christ was, and still is).  This is how we begin to understand God's highest law.  One person cannot do all of God's work or design, but each person can be apart of the solution.  Baptisms and blessings help to honor and celebrate each person's holiness within by honoring the God within. 

The Trinity

God (Feminine & Masculine as One), The Holy Spirit, and The Holy Child

The Highest Law of God:  Love God, Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor



The Equality Viewpoint  (click to learn more)


This New Christianity helps to more accurately express and explain how big God is, why the Holy Spirit can reach all of us at any time, and why we are part of God's family because of how we are made from the moment of conception (and even before).  

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