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Why PURCHASE a Natural Care Package for yourself or others?


  • These are one of a kind packages built specifically with the individual in mind and what they are looking for to optimize physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, or lifestyle change health.   

  • They may include food, natural care products, recipes, health education, books, spiritual gifts, inspiration/coaching to help the individual with health care and lifestyle changes to make that next step toward health successful!

  • You can purchase them in a specified amount or designate an amount of money you want to spend--a great way to offer the perfect quality gift no matter the budget!

  • You have someone with years of experience building the perfect package for you, your family, or friends, or business

  • Perfect for fundraisers, business gifts, auctions, or special gift offers!

Check out the Essence Health and Research ONLINE STORE to purchase a natural care package in various price points and personalize it to you or your gift needs!

For more information, please use the "Contact" tab above to reach out for a consultation on how these services can fit into your needs or company position.  To learn more about Jennifer Coomes, the owner of Essence Health and Research and provider of services, click here. 

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