COVID-19 RESPONSE:  Updated December 21, 2021


At Essence Health and Research (EH&R) and Project Thrive, it is our responsibility and duty to help during this crisis and learning time to make sure you have the most up to date, research-based, preventative, and clear health information and services to take care of yourself and your family.  Vaccination progress is well on its way as one of the major attempts to keep Covid-19 at bay, but the current vaccines are not fully protective against Covid-19 and there is still considerable vaccination hesitancy due to severe adverse effects for some, vaccination reactions, compromised immune systems that may limit vaccine effectiveness, evolving variants, and current research to determine how effective our current vaccines are against constantly evolving Covid-19 variants.   As such, Essence Health and Research/Project Thrive has mandated that masks continue to be worn for in person office visits whether patients/customers are vaccinated or not.  This helps to protect the healthcare environment and all those in interaction.  Vitals are taken for all in person visits along with screening of important Covid-19 symptoms.

Essence Health and Research / Project Thrive has remained open for business and will be continue to offer in person, virtual, and phone visits and classes where appropriate.   Please make sure to connect with Jennifer Coomes CN, E-RYT prior to your visit to determine what type of visit you plan to commit to.  If you have had any known exposure to Covid-19, it is important to quarantine for at least 2 weeks after your last known exposure to Covid-19.   You must be tested for Covid-19 with a negative test in order to come for in-person visits if you have had a known exposure to someone with Covid-19.    

At the current time, in person appointments are made with 1-2 people from the same household at the same time.  Masks are required.   Hand sanitizer, masks, soap, and other sanitation/hygiene items are available at EH&R/Project Thrive for in person visits.  All required sanitation/hygiene public health guidance is followed. 

Essence Health and Research (EH&R) now has a 501c3 nonprofit called Project Thrive (registered as Essence Health and Research Foundation with a Project Thrive trade name) that has a purpose to provide Emergency Nutrition/Crisis Kits, Clinical Nutrition Services, Public Health education and guidance, and Yoga Instruction to those in need and crisis. 


  • To learn more about Project Thrive, click here.

  • Please use this application to request services.

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  • To offer a nonperishable donation to help with Emergency Nutrition/Crisis Kits (sanitation items and low sugar, saturated fat, and sodium foods), please click here to share more information. 

Getting a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis from recent blood labs will also help assess vitamin/mineral deficiencies, organ health, medical conditions, and processing of food to help protect your immune system from Covid-19.   A Clinical Nutrition evaluation will also help give you the best nutrition care for autoimmune, chronic inflammatory, and other pre-existing conditions including emotional/mental health.  Look to the Goals For Health 2021 Initiative for ways to save money on these services.  

EH&R and Project Thrive serves Sammamish, WA and surrounding communities along with outreach statewide.  Please reach out with any questions.

Jennifer Coomes, CN, MSCRM, MS, MS, BA, E-RYT

Executive Director/CEO


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