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DONATING to Essence Health & Research 

WHY DONATE TO Essence Health & Research?

The one sure thing about nonprofits is that they are interdependent, require teamwork, and need contribution to be successful.   While this nonprofit was formed out of the great desire to have a positive impact in the Sammamish community in times of difficulty and need with small projects organized in 2018 and 2019, now this official endeavor is a formal commitment to help Sammamish and surrounding communities and even the state of Washington achieve greater and more positive health outcomes by engaging in work directed towards tools of thriving.

Essence Health & Research completed projects in 2018 and 2019 such as "Make A Meal, Give A Meal" during Thanksgiving to help essential workers, and has raised over $4000 in gift card and food donations to help Seattle Coast Guard and TSA families during government shutdowns and refugee families with Refugees Northwest.   The Sammamish community was monumental in their generosity during this time which allowed outreach beyond the city's borders.   

Essence Health & Research Foundation (Trade Name:  EH&R, Essence Health & Research, and at times, Project Thrive) was formed as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation in April 2020 and has registered as a public charity with the the state of Washington with all applicable business licenses.  Currently, Essence Health & Research runs with a small board with just an Executive Director that also serves as the Finance Manager for the nonprofit corporation.  This will grow over time as the nonprofit grows with more directors and an advisory board. 

Essence Health & Research serves the Sammamish and surrounding communities in Washington by offering clinical nutrition/nutrigenomics services, clinical research, public health education and guidance, research services, yoga teacher training programs/workshops, yoga classes, restorative yoga sessions, emergency nutrition kits, and emergency/disaster relief to those in need.  The ability to offer services and crisis relief for those in need determined by the amount of funding raised each month.  All efforts will be made to send 50-75% of all incoming funding back out to serve its mission with services, programs, classes, and emergency/disaster relief for the public in crisis times.  All services and donations are tax deductible. 


Essence Health & Research uses DonorBox as a secure option for collecting donations from the public where you can feel good making a monetary donation/contribution while having peace of mind about the security of your donation regardless of the amount.  A receipt is issued to you for your tax deduction records.  You can use your credit/debit card or Paypal to make your donation through DonorBox or get in touch with Jennifer Coomes at to discuss other ways to make your donation.   


1.  For all Charitable Donations, please also use the form below to have documentation of your donation and agreement for your records. 

2.  Click here to make a donation through DonorBox! 

3.  For any Charitable Donations over $10,000 or for any questions regarding making a donation, please reach out to Jennifer Coomes (Executive Director) at

Operating Budget for Project Thrive:

The impact of your Essence Health & Research donation is profound.  You are making a positive health impact in  Sammamish and surrounding communities for those who are ready to improve health outcomes in autoimmune/chronic inflammatory diseases, weight issues, emotional eating, depression/anxiety, addiction, food sensitivities/allergens, and more.  You also are either inspiring your own personal/professional development or helping to provide financial assistance or scholarships for those in need to have access to more public health, yoga, nutrition, and emergency/disaster relief services,   In reality, it takes an operating budget to make all this possible so that people know about us, know what we do, and we can function while do it.  When you donate or purchase a service, all efforts are made to keep operating expenses low to maximize funding for mission projects.  Here's more info about where funding goes:

2021 Operating Budget:  Funding Need

  • Operations (Rent, utilities):  $17,000-$20,000

  • Salaries:  $30,000

  • Marketing: $1000-$5000

  • Resources for Emergency Nutrition/Crisis Kits:  $12,000-$120,000

  • Resources for Clinical Nutrition, Public Health, and Yoga Services:  $12,000-60,000

2020 Accomplished Projects

  • Emergency Nutrition/Crisis Kits went out to a local ER, first responders, and families in need

  • Website, application process, grant applications completed, and private donation systems set up.  

  • Electronic health record and nonprofit management tracking systems set up. 

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