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Bringing the Feminine Spirit of Christ and God back to the People

online teachings, speaking/community events, collaborations 

It's Design....It's the Place TO BE.

Christian Middle Church is not your typical church.  There is no building, and for all sincere purposes, it's not in the business plan to build a physical location, but to build and heal people regardless of your color, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, status, or age.  The goals are outreach, collaboration, and synergy.  In other words, Christ opened the door to all to come to God (Love), and as such Christian Middle Church does the same.  The only turn you are making is toward love for a better way to love yourself, love others, and developing a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.  This work is not religious, but personal and transformational, especially in times when the christian church can be getting it wrong.  The simple goal here is to get onto the right thing, that turn toward love and health, and get love in the picture instead of hate or discrimination toward another when God specifically tells us the highest law is to love God, love one another, and love yourself.  Just making this turn alone on all three dimensions is enough work for Christian Middle Church, and it is the great work of God to teach through us.  No matter who you are, you have something to learn.  


Christ was the form of God that showed us through very difficult circumstances why love is that important, and then told us that we are part of the story, part of God's image, part of Christ, with the expressed purpose to make it a reality. We have so much work to do.  The reality is, people live by all different kinds of rules, religions, values, and interpretations of God and even Christianity, but the goal here is to keep it simple and focus on a better love which will often translate into a better way of living life. It translates into every language and can reach all, which is why God is so specific that this is the highest law because it grows life and health.  The truth is, we'll never be bored trying to figure this piece out, we'll just hopefully get closer to understanding what God is all about in all the ways life shows up.


Specifically, the goal of Christian Middle Church is to offer teachings/trainings, speaking engagements, events in an online format, to churches, and to the community to learn more about the feminine, female, and Holy Spirit perspective of Christ and God and vital applications.  The expressed purpose is to collaborate in the community and with churches to help turn around the patriarchy perspective into an equality perspective, and areas of toxicity into areas of love, respect, consent, health, workability, and productivity.  A greater and far reaching goal would be to help fund the building of a homeless shelter with the specific purpose of getting a home for the homeless to start rebuilding life and building a life on their own.


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